Group de Palol is an investment and building company with the main focus on the development in the region of Costa Brava, Spain

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Costa Brava is internationally famous for its picturesque coastline, covered with lush pine trees, dotted with pristine lagoons and washed with the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean sea – and it’s hard to argue this is its most powerful asset. However, this region stretched from the French boarder to the city of Barcelona has so much more to offer. The intense cultural life with enormous amount of historical sights and destinations for art lovers, the world-class gastronomy with the impressive concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants, some of the best vineyards in the whole country…the list goes on. Whether you’re looking for a quiet yet indulging life or an active lifestyle packed with exciting things to do and see, Costa Brava has it all!

About Costa Brava
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Our perks

We build the sleek modern houses that provide the next level of quality living at the shores of Costa Brava. We stick to innovative approach in planning and construction, which helps us to create projects we are genuinely proud of.

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We prefer the complex approach when it comes to the architecture. Our objects feature contemporary facades, smart engineering solutions and finishing details. From heated floors to light switchers - we believe that every tiny thing counts and focus on functionality, safety and simplicity in everyday use.



When planning our residential complexes we pay extra attention to the communal areas for the comfortable cohabitation of the neighbours and building a friendly community.



We build the houses that are perfect for the comfortable and easy living at any season, 365 days a year. Our own property management company takes care of all the maintenance of the buildings, and cleanliness and security of the territory.



When working on the projects we always pay attention to the natural landscape of the site and the established style of the existing buildings. We do our best to gracefully fit our objects in – harmony is one of our main goals. We also opt for the natural materials for construction and finishing the objects.

Our partners

We plan, build and manage residential complexes. We function on the general contract basis . We are proud of our long-term partnership with the suppliers, construction companies and real estate agencies.

Leading real estate agency, our regular partner

General contractor

Law office with the brunches in Barcelona, Costa Brava and the rest of Spain

Construction specialists with the 50 years of experience

Architectural studio with the brunches in Russia and Spain

We welcome all sorts of collaborations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us